Around the curve

With wide, pedestrian friendly sidewalks along both Pennsylvania Avenue and I Street, 2100 Penn has the perfect retail opportunities.
For some it may mean entering into a Michelin-rated restaurant, with an agenda. For others, it may mean checking into the daycare center, with a stroller. And for others still it could very well mean grabbing a sandwich in 2100 Penn’s bustling urban marketplace and heading across the street to the adjoining park, with a book.

Retail Opportunities

Situated in the West End of the Central Business District, home to a daily population of 157,000, while only a few blocks from the bustling 27,000 student strong George Washington University.

I Street Retail

5,130 SF and 9,570 SF of retail with outstanding outdoor seating area and 19'-26' ceiling heights.

Lower Level

Potential mezzanine level for street level entrance on 21st Street. Can combine Eye Street retail and lower level for a total of 22,910 SF.
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3,000 SF of retail with wide sidewalks along Pennsylvania Avenue and ceiling heights of 19 feet.
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